Announcement: Launching the victim-driven EFRI NGO and a cybercrime fighting Whistleblower Program

The European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI) was founded in November 2018 by FinTelegram Investors Protection Ltd (“FinTelegram”) together with auditors and lawyers. The original EFRI mission was to provide support to scam victims in recovering their losses. The former EY partner Elfriede Sixt was appointed as EFRI Principal. As an auditor and Certified Public Accountant, she has focused on FinTechs and is also an expert in forensic analyses in the field of accounting. Since its inception the EFRI mission has evolved along with the acquired information on victims, scams, and their perpetrators. Today, we are proud to announce the launch of EFRI NGO, a victim-driven vehicle to recover funds and fight cybercrime.

The EFRI Mission – Involving Regulators and Prosecutors to Recover Funds for Defrauded Investors

The European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI), co-founded by FinTelegram, is specialized in the recovery of funds of investors who have been defrauded by investment scams. Furthermore, EFRI sees itself as an advocate for investors and investor protection. Currently, EFRI has been granted a Power of Attorney by more than 800 victims which have been defrauded of more than EUR 34 million. The approach applied by EFRI differs in several aspects from the activities of lawyers and other organizations in the recovery business. Also because EFRI is organized as an initiative and association of victims.

BeAlgo & AlgoTechs broker scam – EFRI registers victims for European law enforcement investigations

BeAlgo & AlgoTechs broker scam – EFRI registers victims for European law enforcement investigations

In many jurisdictions, the authorities are currently investigating the fraudulent binary options & broker scams. The mills of justice are known to grind slowly but they grind. In addition, FinTelegram and the European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI), which we co-founded, ensure that the authorities continue their investigations and receive useful information. This was also the case with the huge BeAlgo and AlgoTechs broker scams. This scam has cheated thousands of small investors out of many millions.